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What we do

The SIAS group values social impact as much as it values research and education.  It strives to make a positive impact in a variety of ways, including by taking part in public-public, public-private, and public-civic academic partnerships; by advising local, national, and international organizations, institutions, and governments; by media-appearances to provide evidence-based explanations or clarifications about AI systems and their impact, by  communicating science and technology to the general public; by involving marginalized and underprivileged communities in co-creation processes. 


Engagement (highlights)

The State Commission against Discrimination and Racism  performs long-term research (2022-2026) on racism, discrimination, unequal treatment, ethnic profiling and other related systemic challenges in The Netherlands. The fields of expertise of the members include public administration, legal science, AI, cultural anthropology, method of sociological research, implementation of policy and regulation by executive organizations, sociology of law and organizational psychology. These areas of expertise had been determined in advance as necessary knowledge for the State Commission to be able to carry out the stated assignment.

ICAI ROBUST Academy aims at designing education program to service a large audience, with target groups of professionals in health and governmental institutions, like ministries, government agencies and municipalities, by offering (parts of) the courses and exercises online as well as on a local level. The courses aims to target different levels of professionals, offering a holistic view of AI development – from product and process development (early- to mid-career professionals), to decision making (senior management), enabling organizations to identify and implement AI innovations that benefit society. helps policymakers, researchers, CSO’s and individual citizens ask questions to better understand AI and hence make better AI related decisions .  in addition encourages scientists who work on AI to involve society more in their work and to anticipate societal questions about the use of large data sets and algorithms. Scientists and other groups in society are provided with concrete tools for open communication about AI, creating more mutual trust between science and society and to increase public understanding of the use of AI.

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