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SIAS group members coordinate, teach and assist in various courses at the University of Amsterdam and beyond. Most courses to which group members contribute structurally and significantly are listed below. SIAS group members also supervise bachelor and master thesis projects on a wide range of topics. Students interested in doing thesis projects within SIAS can explore projects here or contact the group's education coordinator: Arjan Vreeken.


Master Information Studies

Faculty of Science, UvA

  • Applied Machine Learning

  • Applied Forecasting in Complex Systems 

  • Big Data

  • Data Systems Project

  • Fundamentals of Data Science

  • Policy Making and Rule Governance

  • Perspectives on Information and Society 

Master Artificial Intelligence

Faculty of Science, UvA

Bachelor Information Sciences

Faculty of Science, UvA

Institute of Interdisciplinary studies

Faculty of Science, UvA

Bachelor Computational Social Science

Faculty of Social Science, UvA

  • Fairness, Accountability, Confidentiality and Transparency in AI

  • Interpretability & Explainability in AI (also part of Master Logic)

  • Computer Vision 

  • Humane-AI

  • Information and Knowledge management

  • Reflection in a Digital Society

  • TBA

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